Friday, 20 April 2018

Sean Hannity (hopefully, the fist of many)

Then the other day:  Sean Hannity mourns the death of journalism, having personally viciously stabbed it repeatedly.

Who says Americans don't do irony?

Love the "Coming Up: Newt Gingrich" in the corner. Newts live in swamps, don't they?

And now this:
Hannity declared––and brought up Rush Limbaugh‘s words agreeing––that the media is obsessed with trying to “tear this President down” and they’re going after big supporters like himself because he “challenge[s] their rigid radical left-wing ideology” and “expose[s] the deep state.”

The Fox News host went on to say he’s at least “honest” about who he is and declare, “The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing me of.”
Someone needs to explain to Sean Hannity what 'projection' means in psychology.

Oh, Sean, I guess this outpouring suggests you know you might be in a little bit of trouble. Still, I guess you've got lots of friends out there, because it isn't like you're a professional rightwing media thug or anything.

"Schadenfreude" is the word we are all groping for.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

More on Labour / Anti-Semitism

So, someone decided to stage a Three Billboards style protest about anti-Semitism outside Labour Party headquarters.

Clever, eh?  That'll show that nasty old anti-Semitic Labour Party the errors of its ways.

Obviously a stunt like that requires a bit off effort and money to stage.  It was carried off by something called "Community United against Labour Party Antisemitism’ aka Culpa.

Their spokesman is someone called Jonathan Hoffman who seems to be quite vociferous on twitter about anti-Semitism and how much he dislikes Jeremy Corbyn.  Beyond his high volme tweeting, Mr Hoffman has a considerable cyber-footprint.

Let's look into some of the organisations that have hosted Mr Hoffman's views, shall we?

  • On visiting the United With Israel website, I was prompted to watch "A moving tribute to fallen IDF soldiers" and asked whether I thought Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel.
  • Harry's Place is somewhere I haven't looked at in years. Glancing in today I see the first article, by 'Lucy Lips' describing Jewish Voice Labour ' as 'Quislings.' Quisling, you will recall, is the fellow who served as a Nazi figurehead in Norway in WW2. Yup, that's someone describing Jews as Nazi collaborators. Wonder if that will get bigged up by Jonathan Hoffman? Or is it only ant-Semitic if Corbyn does it, Jonno?

  • UK Media Watch admits openly (though perhaps disingenuously) that it was established to promote "Fair and accurate coverage of Israel."
  • Z-Word seems to be a defunct, indeed perhaps entirely deleted, blog, run by the American Jewish Committee which describes its mission as "Advocating for Israel and the Jewish People." Interesting they put Israel first ...
Hoffman was also, apparently, chairman of something called the Zionist Federation until 2012, at which point he seems to have been booted out of it for abusing people he did not agree with and for cosying up to the racist English Defence League. I am not making this up.

It was interesting to discover the intriguing connections between an anti-Corbyn stunt and various pro-Israel organisations. This is nothing to do with anti-Semitism, it is obviously a hatchet job on Corbyn because of his pro-Palestinian views and links.

Labour and Anti-Semitism (probably the first of many)

So, you might wonder what has prompted me to stir in my Cthulhuesque slumber?

Today in parliament a debate was held on the issue of anti-Semitism.  Its a rather important issue and one which - you'd hope - would transcend party politics.  Sajid Javid, opening the debate for the Conservatives:

"While I would much rather that this issue transcended party politics [It does, there are plenty of anti-Semites in your own party.  The problem is that you are incapable of transcending party politics.] as other forms of racism have done for a long time, we cannot and we must not ignore the particular concern with elements within the Labour party [but we'll pretend there isn't anything to worry about in the Tory party]. Nor can we ignore the fact that this increasing concern has correlated with the current leader of the opposition, and the waves of activists that have come with him [Even though research has indicated anti-Semitic attitudes have waned since Corbyn became leader and the are less common in Labour now than in the Conservatives. Those activists - also known as young people - are far more likely to reject anti-Semitism than older people, who disproportionately support the Conservatives].”

 Javid uses a debate on a serious issue to attack Labour and Corbyn, and accuses young people of being swivel-eyed anti-Semites. You wonder why young people scorn the Tories?

 He also says, "I thank the leader of the opposition for attending this debate. It won’t perhaps be the most comfortable three hours of debate that he has sat in on, but he makes the most of it and his effort is appreciated for attending. There has, frankly, been a deeply worrying lack of leadership and moral clarity on this issue from him."

Clearly indicating that this is simply going to be a party political attack on Labour, and particualrly on Corbyn; and repeating the false claim that Corbyn is somehow vacillating because he isn't doing things he is not actually able to do.

There are words to describe him, but they can not be used here.

Obviously, there have been constant allegations, insinuations and unfortunate interventions from George Galloway:

(Can anyone recall a post-2004 intervention by George Galloway that was not unfortunate?  why is he even a thing anymore?)

I'll try to post some of my branes on this issue ... and other stuff as well.

I'm sure my thoughts will have as decisive an impact in the matter of anti-Semitism as they have on every other matter.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Gun lover gives up gun

While I will never understand his need to own firearms, I can absolutely emphasise with the gesture he has made.
As an aside, Emma Gonzales seems like an incredible person.

A fortnight ago she was just a normal young adult doing normal young adult stuff. Now she's a school shooting survivor and the figurehead for a major social movement.

I hope she's getting the support needed to deal with both these lifer-shattering events.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trump on FBI, Florida Killings

Is Trump actually trying to imply Robert Mueller's investigation is root cause of the recent high school carnage?

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Nasty little shit

So, Adam Tomkins, a Conservative MSP in Holrood, has brought up the issue of Where Richard Leonard Was Born.  (For those who do not follow Scottish politics with the diligence it deserves, Leonard is the newly elected leader of the Scottish Labour Party.)

Michael White, former deputy political editor of the Guardian promptly bit his e-head off:

Tomkins is insinuating that you can't have an English born person leading the Scottish Labour Party. Of course you can.  We're not all racist arseholes in Scotland, though - alas - we try very hard to create the impression we are.

Obviously his goal is to drum up bit of festering resentment among the Scottish Labour Party members, who he thinks are to dim to have noticed Leonard's Yorkshire accent:

White responded fiercely to a bit of bigoted shit-stirring. As he should have. Ethnic cleansing doesn't always mean herding people into death camps. It can also mean bullying and intimidating those seen as 'tainted.'

Tomkins is the only taint here.

I wonder if Tomkins would have had the guts - evil, nasty guts, but guts none the same - to run the same smear if the winner had been a immigrant, maybe even of a different colour?  I doubt it.

His contempt for Scots, the people he is supposed to represent, is disgusting.

People will believe ... media ... blah blah blah ... Orwell et cetera

I encountered this on the interweb the other day, in an inconsequential discussion:

Now, I may be wrong (it happens) but I do not believe that is actually a quote from Orwell at all. He died before the term "the media" came into common use (and even if he did hear it being used in the modern sense, he would probably have regarded it was grave suspicion, being rather snooty where new-fangled language was concerned). I don't think I've ever encountered it in his essays or novels and running it through Google does not link it to any of his works.

It looks like one of those cases where someone has made up a phrase and - because no-one would listen to some clever phrase concocted by Billy Nobody - attribute it to some great source.

Sean Hannity (hopefully, the fist of many)

Then the other day:  Sean Hannity mourns the death of journalism, having personally viciously stabbed it repeatedly. Who says Americans...